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Days of May is my 2005 novel of love, adventure, burn-out and more love.

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MP3s from my “Pieces of Mind” CD; all electronic computer MIDI instrumentals, 1986 - 92      "Pieces of Mind"











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This is a collection of MP3s from my 2004 Man of Steel CD, featuring lap steel guitar, MIDI instrumentation & some vocals. Also here are some new all-lap instrumental songs from my current Lap Dance project.






























Travis Charbeneau is a writer and musician living in Richmond, Virginia.

Working primarily as an essayist, Travis has written for Alternet and Copley News Service and appeared independently in Utne Reader,  Newsday, Esquire Magazine, In These Times, The Detroit News, Keyboard Magazine, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and many other periodicals. His essay "My Story" won a 1985 PEN award. Some published work can be found at the Editorial Page.

His other love is music. Travis started playing guitar in 1962 at the age of 17 and has been music's fool ever since. Early experience included garage bands of every description and several road bands working out of Miami. He began freelancing in 1973 as an engineer and commercial producer at a number of Miami recording studios, including Criteria, home of "Hotel California," "Derek and the Dominos," Bee Gees disco era, etc.

In 1979 Charbeneau contracted severe arthritis which put an end to his guitar work. But by 1986 he was able to get some liberation via the advent of the new MIDI, computers, synths technology He composed and recorded seven album's worth of instrumental music, mostly 3- to 5-minute tunes in nearly . He worked up ballads, classical pieces, jazz, Latin, hard rock -- every genre except hip hop and techno, and in 2000 released a compilation CD of these instrumentals, whose tracks are downloadable at this link:  "Pieces of Mind"

In 1993 Travis re-encountered a Hawaiian guitar his Grandfather had made in the mid-'50s, gave it an upgrading, and  started learning the "lap steel." From 2001-2002 he was the lap player for "The Shiners," an band out of Richmond, VA. He worked with Ben Jordan from 2003-2006, and he still plays out. He also continues working in his home studio producing his own work. The 2004 "Man of Steel" compilation is one result, with that work and "Lap Dance" tracks posted at that link.

3421 Hanover Ave., Richmond, VA 23221